I’m lying in my bed
I feel the darkness enclose
I close my eyes to keep it away,
But I can feel it
Its dark and cold,
Like what happens when there is no love.
Love has warmth,
But there im lying, feeling no love
Only cold darkness.
I feel it choking
The life out of me
Out of everything around me.

I don’t realise but I drift off to sleep,
I dream of everything that I once had
All the love,
All the warmth,
All the laughter,
I don’t realise, but a smile comes across my face
I find it difficult to hold onto that smile.
It used to be easy once,
To smile,
To find that love,
To find that warmth.

I wake up
Feeling hollow,
Look out the window,
See the sun coming out
Slowly spreading the warmth through the leaves.
I try to feel it with my hands,
Holding onto it
Coz I know, I’m gonna need that
To survive another day
I need that love.